Question: Greatly aspired.....

Dear Bill, having read through your site and listened to much of your music, reading your biography i aspire to do what you do today. I am a talented young man who wants more than an office job, someone who gets up in the morning and to a degree looks forward to going to work. The work you are doing and have done, within films and games, its exactly what i dream and long to be able to do for a living.

I'm 16 years old, almost ready to leave high school, and i want to makesure i'm ready to succeed. Your have been successful in your career, and i know that you have put your whole heart and strength into doing what you have wanted to do, i know that perhaps you had the same dreams and aspirations as i do now when you were my age, but i would greatly appreciate some advice on what courses, what universities, what degrees, what i need, to do what you do.

From an early age i always played the piano, i have never had lessons, although i can read music fairly well i tend the improvise throughout my compositions, feeling the music, rather than writing or reading it. Ive progressed over the last 8 years of playing the drums in theatre, guitar in local bands and piano in bars. I want to express my work though my music, i want to work for music, ive read a few interviews with you, and i know perhaps i am naive to think that someone as busy as you would even see this email, but i ask please can you help me, your words and advice are what will set my path...

Yours Sincerely

Dear Sam,

I acknowledge you for your clarity and your intentions. These things are blessings in themselves because they will send a message to the world and universe around you that you know what you want in your heart. That deeper knowing will be reflected to you by the world around you. That is the gift of clarity, of intention and of commitment. Remember always that outer experience is a direct reflection of inner reality. I hear that you want to take the best possible steps to live your dream of creating music for your work and your life. I can offer you advice in relation to what my experiencehas been - keeping in mind everyone has a different experience in life..

In my interviews I have offered much advice for anyone interested in composing for film, tv and/or games - and I'm assuming you've read and listened to those interviews and gathered any info useful to you in them. In addition to those, you might begin visiting different music schools with an emphasis on film scoring and production programs. I know Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) has state of the art facilities and also has a business major to assist you in learning the in and outs of the industry and running your own business when the time comes. I would also recommend looking at schools here in Los Angeles if possible - since this is the filmscoring capitol of the world. I hear several of the schools here - I think USC included have even had composers like Jerry Goldsmith as associate (visiting) professors! Rent the DVD of "Hollow Man" if you haven't already and check out Jerry's commentary track... as a matter of fact, if you haven't began tapping into this resource yet - I would say this is maybe the most revolutionary educational tool available for those interested in working in the film industry! Rent DVDs and listen to all of the commentary tracks - the directors, producers, actors and in many cases - the composers even have isolated scores and commentary tracks. I have learned a tremendous amount from listening to everyone from all aspects of film production. Get started now and you can garner a tremendous amount of knowledge - and you'll have fun learning it all. Anyway, UCLA also has courses related to the business - but I'm not as familiar with their stature as a music school.

I would recommend attending an accredited school that will also allow you the opportunity to graduate with a Bachelors Degree. I found at Berklee it was an invaluable experience having a well-rounded education - and it was good for my music and my career as well. Learning about the world, about art, about literature, psychology, spirituality, about acoustics and math, and much more - these things all serve us as human beings. Keeping in mind that this business is as much about relationships as it is about the craft - it is important to grow in as many ways as we can, and to nurture all aspects of ourselves. And keep in mind as you go through your education that everyone you meet at school could be an important contact in some form down the line. Treat your friends there as you would treat yourself, with respect and caring. Those friendships will serve you well. And another piece of advice I recommend is to make friends (many friends) with young film students - those who want to become directors, producers, editors and artists. Put yourself in both worlds - but spend more of your time with future directors and producers if possible. Just one of them could assist you in taking your career to the next level and allow you the freedom to expand more fully into your dream.

If you are ever interested in personal growth and tools that will help take you to the next level in your life as a whole, check out Teen Insight seminars through the University of Santa Monica ( I've completed Insight 1 and 2 for adults and these are truly invaluable learning experiences that assist me in every aspect of my life - including my work! :)

I wish you much joy and success in your life!

With warm regards,

Question: Music

Bill, I have always enjoyed the music from Rainbow Six. Also, do you have any suggestions on how to "write" music. I am or was a music major for four years. Trumpet player to be exact... always wanting to write that winning piece, but how would you go about writing what you hear in your head on paper or on computer? I use music time deluxe, but find myself sitting for hours waiting to come up with that theme that will catch the ear. If you can help, I would be very thankful. I have some works that I did quite sometime ago saved in midi format if you had time to run them through , edit, change, rearrange, etc... I've sent them out to different people to get some ideas, tips, and just plain help, but no one bothers to return anything. Let me know.


Thanks for writing Robert. As far as suggestions go, I would recommend trying some theory or composition courses at your local college campus, or looking on the web for books on the topic of composing. One of my recent favorites is a book called "The Score", and contains many interviews with top film composers. There are so many avenues you can takefor learning and absorbing composition, the most important of which I think is listening to scores and reading along if you can find the score in printed form. I believe it is important to learn all the rules, so you can break them. To do that, you'll need to dig in! And by the way, it takes me hours, and sometimes days, to come up with a theme that "catches the ear!!" Keep those midi files for yourself, you might expand them into great works someday, and I wish you all the best on your journey. You might also find this article of interest: So You Want to be a Film Composer? More info links on film scoring and the music biz can be found on my Links and Store pages.

Best regards,

Question: Sheet Music

Hi my name is Nolan. I am in a school orchestra and was wondering if you could give us permission to use the main theme music from rainbow 6 rogue spear in a concert. I own the game and love your music on it and quake 2. If we have permission could you please send me a copy of the score or tell me where I could purchase one.

Thank you for your time.

Hello Nolan and thank you for the nice comments. Glad you enjoy the music.

I am sorry but we do not have sheet music available. There are many legalities and copyright issues to deal with as well as other companies who also have rights to the music in specific projects.

If we do publish any scores in the future, we will post the information on my News page.

Best of luck with your music,

Question: Artist Advice for a fan

Bill I really enjoy your work wonder if you have any advice for me as I'm trying to move into the business of music soundtrack work (too many years gigging on the road I guess). I've been a professional musician all my life and it seems the last few years my writing has moved in theinstrumental direction. Any advice would be very helpful.

Many Thanks,


First, congratulations on staying in the business of music and following your dreams! I'll say briefly that if you are thinking of a career in doing songs only for film, that might be a bit too narrow of a field to fill your plate immediately. If you are interested in scoring for films, etc. that's a different story. If you haven't scored to picture yet, I would recommend getting your hands on as many books on the subject as possible, and finding as many projects as you can to begin cutting your teeth on, so to speak. Unfortunately, they will most likely be "freebies" to start out with, but that is what we all have to do to become established in the industry at some point in our careers. Find directors that you can grow with. Friends are absolutely key in this business, and in this world for thatmatter! (nothing new there...) The rest is up to you and what your goal is. I wish you the best of luck in your journey.


Question: R6 Rogue Spear BB remix, etc.

Mr. Brown~ First of all, let me say that I am pressed to find anyone who composes music for games better than you. I have listened to a lot of your music and enjoy it quite thoroughly. I came across your web-site looking for good music for my new web-site. When I listened to your R6 RS BB remix, I thought "I need to get that music", however, I found that I could not save the file, I could only download it into my Temporary Folder (which I have no idea where it is located), and play it on Realplayer. Then I thought "maybe I could just record it while it is playing, that did not work well either. I would be very grateful if you could attach the song in a wav or MIDI format with a reply, or direct me to a different site where I can download the song. I am in the process of designing a new web-site and would like to use your music. I would provide a link to your web-site as well as your copyright info on my site. Thank you very much for your time and patience.


Hello John. I'm sorry but the music is not for publication on any other sites due to copyright and licensing issues, which include copyrights and reserved rights held by the companies who produce the films, games or other products. Thanks for your comments, and I'm glad you enjoy the music!


Question: Rainbow six music

Hello, Awesome music.... absolutely awesome. Could you tell me if you have a cd out that has some of your music from the playstation version of rainbow six? The planning music is great and my wife even really likes it. Please email me and let me know if I can get it.

Thank you,

Hello Tim and thanks for writing. Glad you and your wife enjoy the music! The only music currently available is posted in my Store. Any new information will be posted on my News page. Of course you can also listen to samples of the music on my Music pages in the meantime. (-:

Best Regards,

Update: There was a limited release of the Rogue Spear PC game which included a soundtrack CD of Bill's Rainbow Six music but it is no longer available. The Rainbow Six game CD includes Red-Book audio that allows you to play the music tracks directly from the game CD. Just insert the game CD into your PC or regular CD player and skip over the first track to play the music tracks. Other games may include this feature, give it a try! Bill's Timeline soundtrack was also included with purchase of the Timeline game through Barnes and Noble for a limited time. After looking into the prospects of releasing a compilation CD it does not appear to be likely at this time. Any future soundtrack CD's will be mentioned on the News page and purchasing information will be available in the Store section.