NEWS 2001

Music by Bill Brown - Return To Castle Wolfenstein by id / Activision / GrayMatter

November 21, 2001: Music samples from Bill's score for the new release Return to Castle Wolfenstein have been posted! This new Activision / id Software / Gray Matter Studios title has gone GOLD and is now available for purchase here (check out the Collectors Edition Tin with bonuses)! View the Return To Castle Wolfenstein Video Trailer here.

Ubisoft - Redstorm Entertainment's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Music by Bill Brown

November 14, 2001: Music samples from Bill's score for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon have just been posted! This new Redstorm / Ubisoft title is now available for purchase here! View the Ghost Recon Video Trailers.

Buy the New Microsoft Windows XP Operating System Here!

October 26, 2001: The Microsoft Windows XP Operating System Web Tour is now available, featuring Bill's music! In addition to creating the startup and tutorial music themes within XP, Bill also collaborated with Soundelux DMG designer, Tom Ozanich to create the system sounds for the XP OS which are based on live orchestral recordings. Photos from the orchestra recording session can be seen on the Photos page. Buy or upgrade to the new WindowsXP Home or Professional Operating System! Listen to the Music Here!


October 19, 2001: Bill has just completed original music for the upcoming film ALI, a biography of sports legend, Muhammed Ali which opens in theaters nationwide on December 25, 2001. This Sony Pictures Entertainment / Columbia Pictures film is directed by Michael Mann and stars Will Smith and Jamie Foxx. View the Theatrical Trailer Here!


October 19, 2001: Bill is working on the complete score for the upcoming action-adventure film Scorcher directed by James Seale - CineTelFilms, which is slated to premiere on HBO, and will be distributed by Miramax Home DVD / Video. Watch Bill's Scorcher page for showtimes and music samples!

Limited Edition Collector's Tin of Return to Castle Wolfenstein

October 6, 2001: Return to Castle Wolfenstein has just come available as a special Limited Edition Numbered Collector's Tin with a Bonus "Making Of" CD and more! Pre-order RTCW Collector's Edition while supplies last! This game is rated Mature. Music samples soon!

Music Nomination for BAFTA 2001 Interactive Entertainment Award

October 1, 2001: Bill has just received news that his soundtrack from Clive Barker's Undying has been nominated for the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts 2001 Interactive Entertainment Award in the Music category! Buy Undying and Listen to the Music!

Gamasutra Gallery

September 24, 2001: Bill is the featured cover artist in the Gamasutra Game Development Gallery! Registration (free) is required to view the extensive article and other features.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

September 1, 2001: Bill is working on music for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the heart-stopping follow-up to one of the most revered PC games of all time. This Activision / id Software / Gray Matter Studios title is expected in stores November. Pre-order! Tunes soon!

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

August 14, 2001: Bill is currently completing a gripping electronic/orchestral action score for Red Storm Entertainment / Ubisoft's Ghost Recon the new Tom Clancy tactical shooter where you take command of an elite squad referred to as 'The Ghosts' in stunning 3D environments. Pre-order Ghost Recon Here! New music samples - coming soon!

New Music Samples

August 14, 2001: Nearly all of the music files within this site have been re-made in much higher audio quality and are available in both streaming and downloadable MP3 formats, A number of new tracks have also been added. Enjoy!

Trapped - a USA Network Film Premiering July 24, 2001 - photo by Alan Zenuk/USA Network

July 26, 2001: Additional air dates for Trapped: Saturday, August 4, 2001 and Sunday, August 12, 2001. Check your local television listings for show times at

June 18, 2001: We have added a new Trapped page to this site, which contains the latest information and links regarding the USA Network film that Bill scored recently.

June 9, 2001: Twelve new Streaming MP3 sound clips from Bill's Trapped score have just been added to his Film-TV Music page! Read a brief plot description and view the Trapped movie trailer at the USA Network web site. Check your local TV showtime listings at during the week before air dates.

Interview with successful composer, Bill Brown by Jodi Krangle of

May 31, 2001: A new interview with Bill by Jodi Krangle of Muse's Muse has just been posted on Bill's Press page!
In the interview, Bill mentions two new music projects he is working on; "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon" that was just announced at E3, by Redstorm Entertainment / Ubisoft and the music for the upcoming Microsoft Windows XP operating system, including startup and shutdown music as well as new system sounds and web tour music for the upcoming Windows O/S, which were created from the music Bill wrote and recorded in Seattle recently. Photos of the orchestra session can be seen on Bill's Photos page.

Buy Disneys Villains Revenge PC Game

May 18, 2001: Disney's Villains' Revenge was chosen by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and Sciences as Children's Entertainment Title of the Year 2000! Listen to the Music Here and Buy Disney's Villains' Revenge Here!


April 26, 2001: Bill is currently scoring Trapped, a suspense / action / thriller directed by Deran Sarafian (Terminal Velocity), starring Meat Loaf, Parker Stevenson and William McNamara. The film premiers July 24, 2001 on USA Network. Stay tuned for more details, photos and music samples...

Redstorm/Ubi Soft Entertainment�s Anne McCaffrey's Freedom First Resistance

February 22, 2001: Bill's Intro Movie Music and End Movie Music from the recently released Anne McCaffrey's Freedom: First Resistance have just been posted. The Video Trailer is available to view and you can purchase Freedom here.

Arcane Online

January 23, 2001: Bill recently completed a cinematic and dramatic score for Arcane Online, a unique new online multiplayer RPG developed by Cyonex. Listen to the Music! In addition, a new music track from Disney's Villains' Revenge has been added here!.

Shop at Bill's New Store - In association with and!

January 3, 2001: Bill's Store is Open! Browse and purchase movies and games that feature Bill's music, along with a small but growing selection of composition and film scoring resources and even portable music gear! You will also find links to view free video trailers for many of the titles and a helpful Search Box to locate other items such as DVD, VHS Movies, Popular Music CDs, Electronics, Musical Instruments, MP3 Players, Speakers, Home Theater Systems, Software, Books, Cameras, Cell Phones, Clothing Movie Posters and much more! Proceeds from the store will help to defray some of the costs of this high bandwidth web site.

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