Bill has completed the score for the upcoming CineTelFilms action-adventure film "SCORCHER", directed by James Seale, starring Mark Dacascos (Brotherhood of the Wolf), John Rhys-Davies (Lord Of The Rings) and Rutger Hauer.

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"SCORCHER" is available in DVD at Bill's Store in US/Canada Region 1 version (pre-order, ship date August 26, 2003) and UK Region 2 - Europe/Middle East/Japan (available now).

Director James Seale and Composer Bill Brown at the Westwood Theatrical Premiere Screening of Scorcher on 2-20-02.

Director James Seale and Bill at the Westwood Theatrical
Premiere Screening of Scorcher on February 20, 2002.

Plot Summary: Colonel Ryan Beckett (Mark Dascascos) an Army intelligence officer and his team of misfit tactical mavericks are called away from leave on orders from President Nelson (Rutger Hauer), only to be informed that the gravest threat to all humanity has become their ultimate challenge. After a Chinese nuclear explosion results in a shift at the planet's core, a series of terrible natural disasters occur. Man's quest for harnessing the power of nuclear weapons has wreaked havoc on the earth. The Pacific plates are shifting. The world is heating up. Earthquakes. Volcanic eruptions. An apocalypse of biblical proportions. With Earth facing the prospect of falling out of orbit and drifting towards the sun, the world turns to a scientist who comes up with a shaky plan. They have just three days left to deflect the plates successfully with the power of another thermo-nuclear bomb - ground zero: Los Angeles. As both heat and panic flare through the cities of the world, and with the help of a group of the US's top scientists, Beckett must battle to save the planet and fight for the life of his daughter caught between marauding gangs, taking the lawless streets hostage before the raging fire of hell on earth consumes them all!

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"SCORCHER" premiered on Home Box Office on Friday, October 4, 2002 and ran through October and into November 2002. Visit the HBO Schedule page to search for additional Scorcher showtimes in your area and time zone. Free registration and customization is required to display correct showtimes for your time zone. Check your local television listings at up to two weeks in advance for the most current showtimes in your area. 91 minute runtime, rated TVMA for Adult Content.