An Unexpected Series of Events: Creating a Career Composing for Games, Film, TV and Beyond. An Interview with Composer Bill Brown

Bill’s new album DREAMSTATE is now available on iTunes, Amazon and more! Check out for behind the scenes photos, videos from the sessions, previews of the new music and more...

Coinciding with the movie’s American premiere in September, MovieScore Media presents the tension-filled espionage action score from NEGATIVE, composed by Bill Brown and featuring guest soloist Robin Finck from Nine Inch Nails.

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Check out Bill's recent interview with Scoring The World of Film with Bill Brown Part One! Composer Bill Brown Discusses His Score to Ross Clarke’s Latest Film "Desiree"

MIX MAGAZINE Exclusive: Bill talks with Markkus Rovito about his career, composing, studio recording and more for Mix Magazine You can check out the article at Mix Magazine Online!

Bill recently completed writing the score for the second season of SyFy’s 'Dominion', and took some time to sit down with and talk about the music, how he got where he is, and the passion that pushes him forward..

Bill Brown

Check out new photos of Bill in the studio just added to the photos gallery. Interview | Bill Brown'

In his new interview with Bill discusses scoring Captain America: Super Soldier, the Wolfenstein franchise, CSI:NY, the death of the theme in film music and much more...

Bill's Layover (original motion picture soundtrack) is available now at and check out the article 'Layover, a look at a hidden gem from 2014' at


Bill's new album Fractured is now available on iTunes: "Award winning composer Bill Brown now brings his timeless dramatic sensibilities to the trailer world, where his music tugs emotions with an uneasiness that summons the listener's psyche." [RipTide Music] -August 2013.

Bill accepting his ninth BMI Film & Television Award for his work on CSI:NY at the BMI Awards, Beverly HIlls, CA.

Award-winning composer Bill Brown (CSI: NY, The Devil's Tomb, Captain America: Super Soldier) releases his hauntingly beautiful score for the independent drama feature Brother's Keeper, starring Travis Tritt, Alex Miller, Graham Miller, MacKenzie Mauzy, Robyn Lively, Daniel Samonas, Noel Coet, W. Earl Brown and Michael Rooker on all digital platforms (including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify) on July 10, 2012. Bill Brown's enthusiasm clearly shows in the musical score for the film, which is written for orchestra with elements of subtle electronic sound design and solo instruments such as cello, performed by the acclaimed Tina Guo who contributed stylistic elements to the score underlining the film's setting. In a recent interview, Bill wrote "We were able to create a classic 'old west' vibe in a contemporary musical setting using glissando cello lines which mimicked that raw 'fiddle' sound you've heard in westerns so many times, but with a darker, bigger emotion to them".

Check out Bill's powerful orchestral score from Marvel's Captain America: Super Soldier on Soundcloud.

New studio and session photos, music and up to date info can be found on Bill's Facebook Page. Follow Bill and stay in touch! And check out more new music on Bill's MUSIC page.

The devil's tomb

Bill recently completed the score for the upcoming film The Devil's Tomb, an action thriller directed by Jason Connery, starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Ron Perlman, Ray Winstone, Taryn Manning, Henry Rollins, and Valerie Cruz in a film about an elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab. In the process they encounter an ancient evil. Bill's score from The Devil's Tomb is available from Screen Archives Entertainment, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Bill's score from Dark Prophecy is now available! Sound clips and more info can be found at The CD is distributed by Screen Archives Entertainment And check out Bill's recent interview about his experiences scoring Dark Prophecy and CSI:NY at CSI

Bill's fully remastered score for Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle is now available on iTunes! In addition, the score from Lineage 2: Gracia, The Chaotic Throne is also now available.

Check out the award winning short film "DIG" featuring an eclectic acoustic / ambient score composed by Bill, featuring the Prague Symphony Orchestra and solo cello performed by Tina Guo. And read more about how Bill created the score for "DIG" on director Joshua Caldwell's blog Hollywood Bound and Down.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Composer Bill Brown

New Music from The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (Vivendi Universal/Sierra/Radical) has been posted. Check out Bill's press page for more about the Hulk:UD recording session with the Hollywood Studio Symphony.

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

Check out Bill's new GSoundtracks interview, a conversation with Oliver Ittensohn of about the new era of game music, C.S.I. New York (CSI:NY is also available on DVD at, and Bill's most recent projects, including Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, featuring audio examples, and more!

The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-Earth

Check out the GameSpot write-up about The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-Earth (EALA) which features comments about the music from Audio Director Mical Pedriana.


Be sure to check out Bill's string arrangement for the song "Tomorrow" by Salif Keita Round 8 Strings which was featured in the film ALI Directed by Michael Mann (Sony Pictures Entertainment / Columbia Pictures). Also featured is Bill's orchestral underscore from the final act of the film titled "Prequel Strings". The recording was performed by the Hollywood orchestra at the Sony recording stage in Los Angeles, CA.